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  • Lectors Meeting

    There will be a mandatory meeting for all current and new Lectors, Thursday, January 29th,
    7:00 p.m. in the Church
    .  Come and meet the new Ministry Contact, Deacon Joe Avila and receive new procedures.  Call Deacon Joe at
    210-323-6654 if you have any questions.

  • End of Year Statements

    If you need a copy of your contribution statement for tax purposes, please notify Martha Guevara at the Parish Office.  You can call the Parish Office at 210-342-5271 or email her at martha.guevara@stgregorys.net
    Please include your name, address, phone number, and your parishioner number.

  • Life Ministry Program

    Our fourth Spiritual Adoption program will begin the last weekend of January, 2015.  This program asks us to say a short prayer every day for nine months to help pregnant women who find
    themselves in difficult circumstances to seek help rather than resort to the alternative of abortion, which is completely against God’s plan and the teachings of the Catholic Church.  At the end of the nine months, there will be a “birth-day” party where we collect items for new born to distribute to several women’s shelters.
    Please e-mail us or call the parish office for more details. 
    Our email is lifeministry@stgregorys.net

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  •   Pastoral Council News

         In January 2015, the Pastoral Council will begin to study and review the Catholic Standards for Excellence and other sources which are intended to describe how the most well managed and responsibly governed parishes operate.  
         In the end, the Pastoral Council will no doubt make recommendations to our Pastor on how we can respond to the call to good stewardship and accountability as a model for our Parish to implement in our operations and governance. Further, effective Parish advisory councils, such as our Pastoral council, should serve to further the mission of the Parish. The information being reviewed is based on references provided during a recent meeting we attended with the Department of Pastoral Offices, Archdiocese of San Antonio. 
         It is anticipated that our Pastoral Council must plan several special meetings to conduct these studies and reviews as we develop presentations for our Pastor.

  •            Welcome

    Welcome to the Parish of St. Gregory the Great new & improved website for important church and school information.  Please visit our website frequently as changes are made daily.

    To connect to our school website, click on the GREEN school logo (right).  We invite you to learn about our GREAT PK 3-8th grade school. God bless and have a GREAT day!

  •     Mission Statement

    To be a community of prayer, service and stewardship leading each other closer to Christ.

  •          Parish News

    Please note our new Parish Office hours.  Beginning Nov 3rd, the office will be closing at 5:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday.   

    To check on our Ministry meetings, please view our Calendar of Events.  Click on Reserve / Calendar Tab and scroll down to see the facility calendars. Facilities may only be reserved for Parish Ministries. Please call the Parish Office for more information at 210-342-5271.

  • Adoration Chapel

    The Adoration Chapel is open Monday thru Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
    If you would like to commit to an hour of if you are not able to keep your committed hour, please call Mary Ann Maldonado at 210-414-3143.

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